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March has been a good month for me. I started a new job and consequently got a new routine, and things have generally just been going quite well. Blog-wise, I got a new theme and started to make the most of the extra daylight to do some mid-week photography. I also had my first blog photoshoot with the wonderful Kaye Ford, and felt like I finally got my brand visualised. I seem to have spent a lot of time doing stuff behind the scenes this month too and I’ve finished March much more confident with my blog than how I started it.


I had a much better Twitter month in March and was doing really well with scheduling tweets until the middle of the month when I think I just forgot. Despite that, my stats are up on last month and it goes to show that tweeting more is beneficial, even if it’s just promo content. I have tried to make an effort to tweet outside of my promo content though, which I manage far more on the weekends than any other time. I gained 46 followers which isn’t too bad considering I rarely follow new people myself anymore, but I’d like it to be better! Twitter is my best reaching platform by far, and so I really want to put some effort into how I use it.

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Instagram has taken a turn this month and I’m loving it. I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to as I’ve been getting to grips with a new job and just seem to have been much busier than usual, but I’m so much happier with my content. I’ve been saying for ages now that I wanted to feature more on my grid, and after an amazing shoot with Kaye I finally realised that goal. I also got a bit braver when it came to taking my own photos, and did a couple of shoots just on my own in my bedroom. As far as followers go, overall I gained 10 this month. We’re finally back on the up, though I can’t seem to jump back over the 1100 mark as every time I get there, I lose followers again. That said, my own use of the app this month has been limited to likes, so I’m hoping to engage more in April.

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Blog stats & Google Analytics

Last month I mentioned that I’d seen a spike mid-month which I assumed was bullet journal traffic from Pinterest. This month, I wrote two new bullet journal posts (how I track my blog stats in my bullet journal and my 2018 bullet journal so far) and what happened? No spike. I wouldn’t have expected these two posts to have gained a lot of traffic right away, but to see none of the usual Pinterest traffic makes me wonder if that’s dropped off for good. I’ll just keep plugging away for April I guess!

One bit of good news is that my bounce rate has fallen and the number of pages people are visiting on landing is finally more than one! It’s difficult to grab people and get them to stay when you get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, so this is one advantage of getting a little less of that sort of traffic this month.

My overall pageviews sit just under 8k for March, a couple of hundred less than February, and my lowest of 2018. That’s hardly surprising considering the lack of Pinterest spike, but I’m hoping to get back on top of things for April.

My most popular post this month of the 5 I wrote was staying relevant in the Blogosphere. I’m glad this got a bit of attention as it took me a while to articulate my thoughts on the matter and I’m really happy with how the photos turned out.

How are your stats looking for March? Did you have a bit of a down month like me or are things on the up? I’d love to know!

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Lazy Thoughts March 2018 blog and social media stats