What do we want from Instagram?

Earlier this week I asked a series of questions on my Instagram stories all about what we want from Instagram. I’ve had mixed feelings about the platform recently and I know others have had similar thoughts. I thought I’d try and get to the bottom of this by finding out what we actually want from Instagram and why we maybe aren’t getting it.

Do you prefer feeds which are random or curated?

Question one saw a fairly equal vote, with slightly more votes for random. I’ll admit this was unexpected for me. I love feeds which are cohesive either in photography style or colour, though I’m not so good at doing it myself. It was nice to see that not everyone holds curated feeds in the same light as I do, though it probably won’t stop me striving for consistency.

Do you want to see people or things?

This one was 86% in favour of people, which didn’t surprise me at all. Instagram definitely seems to favour influencers at the moment and people-in-shot photos always perform better than ones of ‘stuff’.

I then asked if you were interested in the person themselves, or what they were doing. This was pretty 50/50 and I had a few messages for ‘both’.

I then asked what you looked for in images without people – 66% were in favour of places compared to 34% in favour of things e.g. flatlays. This one I found really interesting because the flatlay has been such a ‘thing’ recently, but I guess maybe we’re bored of it? There’s probably a few places we’re bored of too, but I think you can usually get a fresh perspective on a place, whereas with a flatlay we all know the drill.

How much of what you want to see lines up with what you actually post?

What I post isn’t necessarily the same as the content I want to see or like if it comes up on my feed. 60% of voters said that what they posted was in line with what they liked though, so clearly there are people out there managing to smash their Insta game. I’ve said before I love photos of the sea and the countryside, which I just don’t post on my own account. I do take photos of people and curate little set-ups though, which is content I also like to see on my feed.

How often do you post on Instagram/engage with your feed?

With these next two questions, I was really just being nosy about our habits. 89% of voters post on Instagram less than daily, but 79% engage with their feed daily. I think this indicates that many of us are using the app as part of our daily routine, but not necessarily to post our own photos. I’m definitely in this camp, lucky if I’m posting something once a week, but I use the app on a daily basis to engage with the content on my feed.

I’m not too sure what I’ve learned from this, other than that we’re all different. It was reassuring to see that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t post every day as many of us aren’t managing that, and also that maybe there isn’t quite so much pressure to curate that Instagram grid as many of us put on ourselves.

Let me know how you’ve been finding Instagram of late. Are you still just as in love with the platform as ever? Or are you struggling?

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