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Can you believe it’s been a whole year since I started writing my blog and social stats posts? I can’t! February was an exciting month for me as I got myself a new job which I’m really looking forward to starting in just over a week’s time. Because I’ve been sorting out a lot of ‘real life’ stuff, I haven’t posted too much which has definitely had an impact on my stats. I’m not going to dwell on that though, and I’m hoping my new work schedule will give me more time for blogging. It might not quite work out like that, but here’s hoping.


I did not have a good Twitter month in February. Whilst I did manage to gain 24 followers, my overall tweets were down which impacted everything from my link clicks to my profile visits and impressions. I got a couple of consistent scheduling days in which was positive and definitely had an impact on my stats, but engagement for me definitely still has room for improvement!

February 2018 on Instagram


My favourite part of these posts is looking at my top 6 ‘grams of the month. I also love looking back at how these change over time and I think I’ve come a long way since last February! Haven’t stopped taking photos of St. Paul’s though. Interestingly, last year I’d just joined my first comment pod (which probably lasted less than a month) and wound up with me hating them with a passion. This year I’m much more about trying to post photos of myself and I’m heading a little bit down a nature-themed path. I’m not very outdoorsy but I kinda like where it’s headed.

This month’s stats are pretty average. I unfollowed a few more people here and there but nothing like the clear out of last month, yet I lost another 28 followers. I’m guessing this is just delayed fallout from my clear out, because my content really hasn’t changed that much recently to justify over 50 people unfollowing me! It’s a bit disheartening as I’m getting further and further away from my goals but hopefully that’ll change soon enough. And on the up side I’m now seeing much more content I love on my feed, so it wasn’t an entirely pointless excercise!

February 2018 blog stats graph

Blog stats & Google analytics

My February stats were about on par with last year’s in the end, and miles off what I achieved in January. All the arrows against sessions, posts, pageviews, even my domain authority are pointing downwards and it’s a bit disheartening. However, with the success I had in January it’s to be expected, and is basically a repetition of 2017. I’ve also compared the year to date with my 2017 stats and I’m only 70 pageviews down overall so that’s pretty exciting. Feb also saw me return as an advertiser with one of my blogging faves, Gwennan from Twenty Something Meltdown, so I have to thank her for helping prop up those views too!

I’m clearly picking up bullet journal traffic in the middle of each month (that massive spike), which I’m guessing is from people trying to find ideas for their next monthly spreads. I’m not complaining about this, but I definitely feel like there’s more I could be doing to cater for my Pinterest audience and hopefully persuade some of them to stick around. My Pinterest and Bloglovin are pretty much growing all the time though, which is reassuring that people do like my content, and maybe I just need to promote it more.

My goals going forward are to write at least four posts a month. One bullet journalling, one stats, one blogging-related and one general lifestyle post. If I manage to squeeze anything else in, I’ll take it, but at the moment I’m keeping things simple.

How has your February gone? Have you seen a drop off in your stats compared to January?

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