Starting an art journal*

Back when I was studying A-Level Photography, I used to be very hands-on with making tangible arty things. I was always encouraged to print and cut into my photos, play around with negatives and just generally turn my photography into more than a simple process. Photography was one of my favourite subjects at A-Level because of this, and if I’m being honest I miss it. I always see beautiful art journals floating around Pinterest and finally decided to start my own. I do want to incorportate more of my own photography and drawings into it eventually but for now I mainly used magazine cut-outs and scrapbooking/bullet journal supplies.

For once in my life I started a new journal on the first page (above), and somehow it’s probably my favourite so far. I found the quote first and knew that it had to go on the first page. After that, it was just a case of keeping things simple. I layered the busier texture over the face, then used a white Extra Fine Posca pen* to join some of the lines back up. I’ve already got some ideas in mind of how something like this could work on a double page spread, so I’m excited to get better at line drawing!

Art Journal |
Art Journal |
With my second two pages, I wanted to create something that worked with my sunset polaroid. The sunset was truly stunning when I took the shot but my Instax didn’t do it much justice. I didn’t really know what else to do with the polaroid, so I figured creating a moodboard of sorts would be pretty cool. I rifled through all my magazines to find some yellow and orange scraps, and came across a stunning seventies-inspired shoot which was aaaall about the orange tones. I also found a picture which looked like it was taking during golden hour so thought it went well with the ‘sunset’ theme. I used the same white Posca pen from above to draw on the polaroid (yes, they draw on polaroids!) plus the same pen in yellow around the girl and a gold Medium Posca pen* to add the gold lines. I added a gradient washi tape to the background for a pop of colour and a tie-in for the gold I added on the opposite page. I actually think the polaroid ruins the collage a bit, but as it was the inspiration for the piece I decided to stick it in anyway.

Art Journal |
The third spread wasn’t actually supposed to exist but after cutting out the picture on the left for page one, I forgot to incorporate it. I decided to try and recreate the photo using a large photo and some art supplies and actually love the outcome. I used Posca pens to draw the lines in the background and then cut out papers for the triangular shapes. I also added some buttons and sequins for texture around the eyes.

I am SO excited to get back into being more creative in my free time. Whilst bullet journalling is fun, it’s not quite the same as getting hands on with glue and scissors. I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Uni-ball for sending me a ton of new pens to try out – including the Posca ones I used for these spreads! They’ve recently revamped their website and it’s so much easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m definitely going to do more of these posts in the future with the spreads I create. Hopefully I’ll get some sketching and photography in there soon enough too! How do you get creative in your free time?

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*Some items in this post were sent for review by Uni-ball but all gushy opinions are my own. Soz, I’m a stationery fanatic.