Roller Disco @ Renaissance Rooms

I love novelty nights out. In practice I tend to stick to my local bar, but one of my favourite venues in London is KOKO in Camden, which is a theatre that has been transformed into a nightclub. Their Button-down disco event is my favourite, and I wish it wasn’t such a long way home on the night bus or I’d probably be there every week! This weekend however, me and the girls ventured down to Vauxhall for a Roller Disco.

The event had sold out online when we looked, but we were informed that a few tickets would be kept back on the door. We got there at eight (opening time) to be on the safe side, and got in without a problem as they had about 200 tickets saved. We made our way to get some drinks before donning our skates and getting stuck in. I definitely think it’s worth booking tickets in advance, as it takes a while to get busy and it’s a bit awkward dancing/skating on your own! They have a student night on Thursday’s too, which is only £6 to get in with a valid NUS card or £10 without, instead of their usual £12.50 on a Friday or £15 on a Saturday. Drinks aren’t too expensive for London prices, I only got a lemonade which was £2, but the others averaged at about a fiver each.

Inside, they have two dance floors which is really great because it gets so much busier as the night goes on that you don’t get a lot of personal space! They also have seating around the edge, so I’d love to go again with a larger group and book in advance to have somewhere to sit. I think we ended up leaving at about 11 just because we were absolutely knackered from three hours of skating, but it would have been nice to stop and have some drinks at the end.

I wasn’t as bad as I feared I might be, and the great thing about the roller disco is that even if you’ve never skated before, they have marshalls on site to help you grasp the basics and watch out for people falling over etc. which might have an impact on safety.

I’ve got to say, if you’re looking for a fun night out: this is it. There were groups of people dressed up as all sorts, and it just adds to the whole 70s disco vibe which is fab! I’d love to go again on a student night as a Saturday is a bit too expensive for my budget, but this definitely won’t be the last time the Roller Disco sees me!

Have you been to a roller disco before? Did you enjoy it?
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