On turning twenty-four

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Just over a week ago I turned 24. My last couple of birthdays have been a bit anticlimactic but for some reason I actually felt excited for my 24th. I spent the day at work before heading out for dinner with Sam in the evening and it was a really lovely day. I got some lovely presents and chatted to friends about my plans and I enjoyed the understated celebrations. I’m not one for being the centre of attention at the best of times, especially when it’s forced, but it was nice to have a catch up with people I hadn’t spoken to for a while.

I said in a recent Instagram post that I’d talk about my plans for my 25th year(!) in this blog post, but on reflection it seems I don’t actually have that many. I thought I’d share them anyway though, as much for myself to look back on than anything else!

My first goal is to move out by the time I turn 25. I’m not sure how realistic this is as I think Sam and I are going to try and buy so it’s going to take that little bit longer, but it’s a goal nonetheless. It’s definitely time to set up a help to buy ISA though and get serious about finding somewhere to live.

Job-wise I’m hoping things don’t change too much. I’m in my first permanent job since leaving uni and I’d like to stay for a couple of years at least. I would like to start being a bit more creative and trying a few new things though, and hopefully just become more confident in myself and what I can do.

I have a couple of personal goals that I won’t share just yet, but I do have some bigger blog goals that I want to talk about.

I’ve got into a bit of a habit of setting really unrealistic goals in January, not changing anything about how I work, and wondering why I haven’t improved come December. It’s been a pattern I’ve seen in the past couple of years, and it’s something I want to stop.

I’d sort of written off the rest of 2018 with a ‘what happens will happen’ mindset, but actually there’s nothing really stopping me throwing myself into my plans for January 2019 now.

So, by my next birthday I want to be engaging much more with content I love. I want to find content I think is great and I want to shout about it. I want to share more affiliate links without fear of judgement on here and on twitter and I want to broaden what I’m posting about a little. The downside of using your blog professionally is always worrying about who is reading what, but I want to claw back the days of talking about whatever the hell I wanted on here and being confident in what I share.

I also want to get more creative with my Instagram. I’ve accepted I probably won’t get to 10k anytime soon, if ever, and that’s okay. But I want to create content I genuinely love and at the moment I’m not doing that. 24 feels like a good year to curate a life I love both online and offline.

I think that’s about it for my goals – I said there weren’t many but they all seem quite daunting!

What do you think of my plans? How did your 24th year go? Or are you not there yet? Let’s have a chat.

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