I’m a Mooncup convert | My Mooncup Experience

I’ve got a bit of a different post today, but one I’ve been wanting to write since I first used my Mooncup. As someone who has exclusively used pads since I started my period, I think my Mooncup experience is a little different to most I’ve read so I was keen to share my story. Sorry if this isn’t really your cup of tea, but I have plenty of other lifestyle posts for you to catch up on!

I’d read a lot about the Mooncup (and watched a lot of videos from various YouTubers) but whilst I thought it looked interesting, I definitely didn’t think it was for me. However, after a lot of discomfort with pads and no other real options (I tried cloth pads a couple of months back and still found them uncomfortbale) I finally decided that I’d try it out. I’ll be honest in that I didn’t expect much, but it’s been a total lifesaver.

For anyone that’s on the fence, I will admit they take a bit of getting used to. For a start they come with a stem that will more than likely need to be trimmed, and it can take a bit of adjusting until you find a length that works for you. I could probably still make mine a little shorter, but I will admit I am still a little bit scared about not being able to get it out. That said, I haven’t had any real struggles so far. It’s always a little bit harder to get a hold of in the mornings as I guess it moves up a little as I sleep, but I’ve never not been able to get it out. Again, this is something that comes more easily the more you use it as you learn how to control the muscles that keep it in place.

Mooncups are now available at ASOS!

One of the main reasons I never liked using tampons was because of taking them out. I always felt really panicky after inserting one (the handful of times I tried) and this was mainly because of how uncomfortable I knew it would be to take it out before it had had a chance to really do its work. To be fair in retrospect I probably wasn’t inserting them far enough, but I was always hyper aware of the fact I was wearing a tampon. I was worried that the Mooncup would give me the exact same feeling but with a much larger price tag (they retail for around Β£20). This hasn’t been the case at all though, and I think that’s largely because the Mooncup doesn’t absorb anything other than your period, making it easy to take in and out no matter light your flow is.

I could probably write an 8000 word dissertation on how much I love my Mooncup, but I do want to keep this short and sweet. If you have any questions though, this is pretty much my favourite thing to talk about right now so feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment!

Have you tried the Mooncup? Would you?

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