Learning a language with Rosetta Stone #ad

As you may have guessed from my social media posts last week, I’m currently learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone. I’ve been trying to learn Spanish on and off since I was 12, and over 10 years later I’m still not stringing sentences together like I want to be. I’ve tried language apps in the past but have found the level of English you use frustrating – never truly feeling like I was learning, and more that I was finding ways to answer questions.

Rosetta Stone is different. And whilst they did give me a free trial of the app, I’m not just saying that. From the get-go I’ve been immersed in the Spanish language, thinking how to answer in Spanish, not English. I’ve really felt like I’ve learned new things that I can put into practise, and for a couple of weeks work, that’s not bad going.

I started from the beginning with the basic intro unit. My level of Spanish is above this really, but I wanted to start from the beginning to really get a feel for the app. I’ve learned new words like ‘cielo’ (sky) and ‘hierba’ (grass) and I’ve even done tailored pronunciation lessons to get to grips with those tricky words (seriously how do Spanish people roll their r’s so well!? My English tongue can’t keep up). And despite scoring over 95% on every test, I feel like it’s a great place to get to grips with the basics. It’s also given me the confidence that actually, I do know a lot of the language already and if I put the effort in, I will progress.

You can skip ahead at any time (though you are advised against this) but I think that’s a real positive. You can pick and choose which bits you fancy doing which is perfect if you’ve got a little more experience. For example, sometimes I don’t fancy the pronounciation exercises, or maybe I’m in a public place so they aren’t as easy to do. I can always come back to them later. Similarly with the units, there’s a whole section on work and school that I don’t feel is relevant for me to learn. I want to start putting together complex sentences and I can always go back and improve that section of my vocab at a later date if I feel like there’s gaps.

For me, an app is never going to enable me to learn a language alone. My years of failed attempts have taught me that. But I can hope that with a wealth of knowledge (and Rosetta Stone) by my side and some immersion into Spanish culture (any excuse for a holiday am I right?) – I just might get there one day.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit rosettastone.co.uk. Don’t forget to use code Megan50 to get 50% off learning a language!

Which language would you learn if you had the chance?

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