Blogging for myself

I haven’t blogged with heart in a long time. My last post was over a month ago, but even before that I was only managing one or two posts a month. When I first started blogging and for a huge period in 2016, there was love in every single post I wrote. I couldn’t wait to sit and write, to photograph, to share. But now? I stil love blogging and I’m still proud of my blog, but sometimes I think I’m writing because I’m in the routine. I’m not writing for myself. At the start of every month I sit down and type up all my blogging stats, only to spend the rest of the month desperately trying to think of content to fill the gap before the new month begins.

This month I didn’t bother. I wrote my last post with zero intention of figuring out the next. I gave myself a break. And you know what? I feel better. I haven’t posted on Instagram either, I’ve just let myself live in a Sims 4 shaped bubble and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Blogging is definitely a part of my life, and not one I want to lose by any stretch. But I need to get back into blogging for myself.

pink leafy plant next to laptop

Part of my problem is that I like to define myself and my blog, and stick to that. When I was at uni, I classed myself as a student blogger. Now, I define what I do as ‘creative lifestyle’. But what does that even mean? Until recently I’d have said bullet journalling was an integral part of my blog, but really it’s just the part that brings in the most views. It’s the part that did well on Pinterest a couple of years ago but it’s the part that I don’t have the motivation for anymore as I barely use it.

I want to write about lots of things. I want to write about travel and life and give advice and brain dump. Really, I want to get back into blogging for myself.

So I’m doing it. I felt like I needed to let you all know I was doing it before I did it, hence this post, but I’m taking back the control I feel like I’ve lost on my blog of late, and I’m blogging for myself.

There won’t be a July stats post this month as to be honest I can’t be bothered with it, and I won’t make any promises that there’ll be anything else either. But I’m hoping this was the break I needed to refocus, and that this second half of the year is mine for the taking.

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