I’m a little picky when it comes to Blogger events – I don’t want to spend too much, I don’t want to be surrounded by loads of people who already know each other really well, and I don’t want to travel a million miles to get anywhere. When I saw the wonderful Pippa from Ballpoints & Biscuits was hosting an event in Covent Garden and there were going to be burgers involved, I couldn’t resist signing up as it sounded like everything I could ever want and more!

After a long day of dissertation writing in the library, I had just enough time to run home and grab my Christmas jumper before jumping on the tube. I arrived about fifteen minutes early, so popped into the new Kikki K shop just outside Covent Garden station. It’s a wonder I didn’t walk out with half the shop if I’m being honest, everything just looked fantastic!

I decided ten minutes was an acceptable amount of time to be early, so left Kikki K and followed my trusted Citymapper directions to Brioche, a popup restaurant about 5 minutes from CG station. I was shocked to find out that Pippa had actually managed to book the whole venue out for us, as I’d expected to have a little corner to ourselves somewhere. It honestly felt like we were in someone’s cosy little woodland cottage rather than a cute popup restaurant in the middle of central London, and it was absolutely fantastic.

I shared my end of the table with four absolutely lovely girls; Davina, Danielle, Char and Nadine. If I have one regret of the night it’s that I didn’t get to talk to everyone there as they were all so friendly and wonderful. I also wish I’d taken my camera. I got about halfway to the station from my house before I realised I’d forgotten it, and my phone just doesn’t bode well if the lighting isn’t perfect.

One thing I will say for Brioche is they know how to put on a feast! I have never eaten so much in my entire life! Their Christmas menu includes a burger with two toppings of your choice; I chose a double helping of bacon on my burger as I’m not a massive cheese fan, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! They also treated us to a plethora of sides including curly fries, cheesy fries and cheese and bacon hash browns.

As it was a Christmassy event, Pippa had got crackers and cute little gifts for everyone which honestly just made the whole thing so cute and fun. We pulled crackers before the food came and donned our hats for the obligatory selfies. In our little goodie bags, we each got a candy cane and some lovely gifts from Sass & Belle, Letterbox Gifts and Bee Good. If you want a proper peek at everything I got, click here.

I forget how much I love blogging events until I’m actually there, chatting all things blogging with absolute strangers but feeling like I’ve known them for years. The before bit can be nerve-wracking as you’re essentially going to walk into a room full of strangers and find things to talk about all evening, but the outcome is so rewarding! I’m going to be at #bloggersbelowzero in January, so let me know if you’re going to that as it’s always nice to know a friendly face!

Once again, massive props to Pippa for organising this. Fingers crossed we’ll meet again soon!