Books for creatives

Three books stacked on top of each other sit in front of a plant on a blurred background

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve taken a bit of a blogging break which I might talk about in a separate post, but today I’m sharing some of my favourite books for creatives and journallers. There’s something here for everyone, no matter where you are in your journalling career. Journalling is often quite a personal thing that you develop over time without the need for ‘how to’ guides, but I’ve really enjoyed learning about other methods of creativity and exploring different types of journalling with these books.

The Journal Writer’s Companion

If you’re looking to start journalling but don’t really know where to begin, this is the book for you. The Journal Writer’s Companion is a practical guide to journalling, and details basically every form of journalling there is, with tips and tricks to help you pick which will work the best for you.

I thought I knew a lot about journalling and had decided that bullet journalling was the one for me, but it turns out I could have been wrong. There are so many methods that I have yet to try and I almost want to dip my toes into all of them. I’ve dabbled with art journalling before, but the Journal Writer’s Companion really goes in-depth as to how each method can be used and what it might help you achieve. It also gives prompts you might like to use, and is just an all-round great starting point for someone looking to get into journalling.

Three books stacked on top of each other sit in front of a plant on a blurred background

The Bullet Journal Method

The Bullet Journal Method is Ryder Carroll’s official guide to bullet journalling. It’s a great book for newbies to bullet journalling, but has plenty to offer more seasoned bullet journallers too. He highlights the need for ‘back-to-basics’ journalling with a simple system to keep you organised – something which is often overlooked now the craze has hit Pinterest.

The Confession Album

The Confession Album is inspired by an old Victorian parlour game, and gives 100 prompts for you to answer (either by yourself or with someone else). The questions range from things like ‘what’s the best compliment you’ve received, and from whom?’ to ‘when have you been in dire financial straits? what did you do?’. I’m definitely more of a private journaller so I’ll be filling this out alone, but I love the idea of having it to look back on in a few years’ time.

With some of the questions, there’s probably enough space to answer multiple times, which I may well do. Basically, it’s a versatile book which I think could easily help you get into journalling.

Wreck This Journal

I no longer own a Wreck This Journal but this was one of my favourite creative hobbies in my teen years. Each page has an instruction to follow, from taking the book in the shower with you to swapping the book with a friend and letting them deface a page. There are so many ways to interpret each page’s instructions that there are endless opportunities for creativity.

What’s your favourite book to spark creativity? Do you own any of these? I’d love to know!