Being creative everyday | National Creativity Day

I’ve always been creative, but sometimes I feel like I need to *do something* creative for it to count. Since starting my art journal back in July, I’ve had this urge to experiment creatively which I haven’t felt since my Photography A-Level. There’s something about putting paint on paper that just gets the creative juices flowing.

Today marks National Creativity Day, and I’m using this to mark my own personal challenge. Whilst the title of this post is about being creative everyday, I’m challenging myself to be creative at least once a week for the whole of June. I’ll be documenting this over on my Instagram stories (and maybe on the grid if I’m proud enough of what I create!) in the hope of making more time for creative endeavours in my life.

Want to join me?

3 ways you can add a little more creativity into every day:

1. Create mood boards

There are so many ways to create mood boards that I really need to find time to do them more often. You can print things you like and stick them down, create digital boards on Photoshop, cut snippets out of magazines or even just create boards of things you like on Pinterest. I find having a mood board a really great thing to work from when I’m trying to decide on subject matter or colour schemes. They’re also great for just getting you into a creative mindset.

2. Get messy

You don’t have to create a masterpiece to be creative. Get some paint and a brush (or your fingers) and a piece of paper or canvas, and just add colour. Create a background for a future piece of work, or just have fun getting messy. Often when I want to be more creative, I just create backgrounds for future ideas in my art journal.

3. Take photos

I bloody love taking photos, and you’d be surprised how creative you can get. Experiment with different angles and subject matter or invest in a polaroid or disposable camera for those spontaneous shots. Try taking 60 different photos in a minute or set yourself a similar challenge to start thinking out of the box. You can even use your photographs in your work later down the line.

I’ll be using the hashtag #lazythoughtscreates to document my adventures this June on Instagram – if you want to join too you can use the same hashtag! Or drop yours in the comments if you’re using a different one.

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Being creative everyday - how to add creativity back into your life |