Setting up my 2019 bullet journal

2019 double page spread bullet journal

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been bullet journalling for nearly three years now. It’s been two years since I first posted about how to set up your bullet journal for the new year, but here we are going into 2019 and I’ve got a brand new look and feel to my bullet journal that I wanted to share, so thought I’d do a similar post. I’m continuing in the same journal from last year which I’m around half way through. I take a very minimalistic approach to my bullet journal most of the time, but this year I am adding a bit more creativity to it and I’m going to try and use it a bit more to help me stay on track with some of my goals.

My title page (above) maintains a lot of my usual simplicity but with a few added touches. I’ve used some enamel dots which I have for my scrapbooks but rarely use, and I’ve used both shiny and brown paper to cover some mistakes on the right-hand page. I then layered a squared card (also in my scrapbooking box) on the page for my resolutions. I did consider leaving this blank and just adding a photo, but I didn’t want to overshadow the 2019 title page too much. I might add some more collage-y/photo bits underneath the 2019 title a bit later on.

2019 bullet journal future log

Future log

I’ve done my future log slightly differently for 2019 (you can see what my first 2018 one looked like here), though didn’t really think it through properly and have managed to jump ahead to August rather than my usual July. I also regret drawing the separating lines in such a dark pen, but it’s done now and I’m not re-doing it! At the moment I’ve just added birthdays and a couple of key events in the year, but I’m sure I’ll fill it up much more when we actually start making plans. This layout has also ditched the need for a full year ahead plan, which saved me a little bit of time in setup! I drew the banners differently intentionally because I didn’t like the ones on the left, but in hindsight I probably should have made them match. I don’t feel the pressure of creating amazing layouts when I’m in the second half of my journal though (probably just as well) so all the flaws just help me make decisions for my next layouts.

2019 bullet journal blogging goals and content ideas page

Blogging goals & content ideas

My blogging goals spread wasn’t used as much as I’d have liked last year – mainly because I stayed stagnant with a lot of my stats and I’d overestimated the intervals at which I’d be progressing. I’ve yet to add the numbers to this year’s spread because I don’t want the same thing to happen again and would like to start 2019 with a true reflection of my stats. I also kinda regret adding Twitter – I was copying a layout and pretty much drew this on Autopilot – but I guess I’ll track it anyway!

As for content ideas, I thought it would be good to dedicate a page to this at the start of my journal before I go into content calendars. I’ll be trying to plan my blog content monthly this year, so thought it made sense to put the ideas page at the very start as something to refer back to.

2018 bullet journal blog pageviews and sessions

Pageviews & sessions spread

Another returning layout this year is my pageviews and sessions graph. The one above is my 2018 graph as currently 2019 is just a title and two pencilled-in lines so not very interesting to look at! I’ve found this the most visual way for me to track what’s happening with my blog stats throughout the year (an overall decline – LOL) and the colour coded months have also made it easy for me to see at a glance. I think I’ll be using the same colours throughout 2019 too as it helps to keep everything consistent.

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January 2019 title page

January spreads

Then we’re into my January layouts. My January layout is grey to keep it consistent with last year – it’s possibly a bit of a dull way of starting off my journal but I quite like the simplicity of it. I’ve gone for the same style of title page as I started in November 2018 and I’m still really liking how it looks.

Jan 2019 opening pages

Opposite the January title page is my monthly overview & content plan. I’ve found that just having a content plan can mean that I overlook key dates or busy periods in the month and sometimes can’t get out content when I originally plan for it. Whilst this isn’t exactly the end of the world, I think it makes sense to try and combine my personal calendar and blogging content plan so I’ve got a better handle on when I can actually create content.

That’s my 2019 journal so far! I’m feeling good about this year and I think the creative side to bullet journalling might help me fall in love with it that little bit more. Are you switching up your layouts in the new year at all or are you keeping things consistent?