How to set up your bullet journal for the new year

New Year Bullet Journal Overview

Regardless of whether or not you’re starting a whole new bullet journal in the new year, there are some things that just need doing. I’m personally carrying on with my old journal as I’m only halfway through it. If you are starting fresh, you might like to design a title page (and I might do this if I have a free page) but these are my necessities and tips for setting up your bullet journal for the new year.

2017 Bujo Set Up -

Yearly overview

This for me is a must. I use it to refer to when I draw my monthly layouts and this year I’ve added annotations to it to make it even more useful. From circling birthdays to underlining important dates, I’m hopefully going to be using this page a lot more.

Future log

I’ll be honest, this is something I’ve not used for a while (my last one ran out in October) but I know that this year I will need it. I’ve decided to break it down into six months because three didn’t seem enough. At the moment it’s basically just full of birthdays, but I’m sure that will change.

2017 Bujo Set Up -

New Year’s Resolutions

My next page is dedicated to my New Year’s Resolutions, which I’ve decided not to write in just yet. For one I wanted to take the photo knowing I wouldn’t have to blur things out, but I also just haven’t really thought about what I want to achieve in 2017. This is probably only going to be a one page spread because there’s no way I’ll ever achieve 2 pages of resolutions!

Blogging goals tracker

I haven’t drawn this in yet because I’m still deciding on a layout, but my current idea for the opposite page to my resolutions is a blogging goals tracker. I’ll be mentioning my 2017 blogging goals in a few days time, but tracking them is something I’ve always enjoyed. I went for the bar chart approach in the past but haven’t really got on with it, so I’m going to be researching over the next few days to find a method I like.

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2017 Bujo Set Up -
2017 Bujo Set Up -

Monthly log

These are both January things rather than ‘new year’ things but I still wanted to include them. My monthly log has evolved so much since I started bullet journalling back in April, but I’ve finally found a layout I love. It’s clean, simple and on one page which is so important for me!

Blog schedule

I love having a written blog schedule and for the past couple of months I’ve been trying to incorporate this with my monthly log. However for many reasons it’s just not been working out. I find it hard to track when I last posted and planning for the future has been clumsy. I’ve decided to go back to my trusty one-page schedule method and see how I get on in January.

Let me know how you set up your bullet journal for a new year, and feel free to link me to your 2017 bujo posts too!