Bullet Journal One Year On

Can you believe I’ve had my bullet journal just over a year? I got it on April 9th 2016, and whilst I certainly haven’t used it everyday since, I’ve loved having a diary system that actually works for me. I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a look back at some old layouts to see what worked and what didn’t and if there’s anything I still do the same (hint: not really).

The main thing that’s changed is extravagant layouts. Nowadays I’m much more about simplicity and can’t be bothered to sit and draw out endless designs. My old layouts took up a lot of space that I never really filled but they worked for me for quite some time, which is one of my favourite things about the bullet journal system – you can continuously change it to fit your needs. I also use less bujo per month. In February the only layout I drew was the month overview, whereas I used to fill up pages with daily to-dos. I think being at work means that I don’t really have a lot of tasks to complete each day at home, so I tend to just create rolling to-do lists which I keep for around a week.

New bullet journal layout April 2016

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember my post 5 must-have pages for your bullet journal. I rarely use most of these anymore; I’ve ditched the habit trackers as I never remember to fill them in, I no longer need a daily log, and I haven’t used my key in yonks (do people still say yonks? What a weird word). These have been replaced with things I do use; a social media tracker, blog stats pages and other random bits and bobs. I’ve toyed with editing the post many times as it’s quite a popular one on Pinterest, but it’s an interesting one to look back on to see what’s changed.

Overall, my love of bullet journalling has only grown stronger, despite my needs for the system changing. I often like to flick through and look at old layouts for inspiration, and this was a really fun post to write.

If you’re thinking of starting your own bullet journal, why not start with: Is bullet journalling right for me?

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