Blogger’s Guide to Bullet Journalling

Blogger's Guide to Bullet Journalling -

A while a go, I wrote a post called 5 must-have pages for your bullet journal. This has quickly become my most viewed post after doing the rounds on Pinterest. Unfortunately for me, the post isn’t one of my best and was more aimed at beginners to the BuJo craze. I also don’t actually use about 3 of those 5 ‘must-haves’ anymore, so figured it was about time I updated it. I’ve decided to put a blogger spin on it, as my must-have pages now are definitely those that help with my blog rather than just those that help me plan my life. So, here’s my blogger’s guide to bullet journalling (or must-have pages for your bullet journal if you’re a blogger, which let’s face it isn’t nearly as catchy).

Blog schedule

My blog schedule is very simple, and is merely supposed to work as a planner for when I intend to publish certain posts. As you can see below, I fell off my schedule a bit this month and the regularity of my posting has definitely suffered for it. I also didn’t post a ‘recently read’ on the 17th, which shows how rigorously I stick to it. All you really need in a blog schedule are the days of the month and some post ideas. The rest will do itself!

Blogger's Guide To Bullet Journalling -

Post ideas

My post ideas share a page with my blog schedule, so that I can easily add them in when I decide to start writing them. I use asterisks to mark posts that are more important – like sponsored posts – or ones which have to go up by a certain day. Some of my ideas will sit on this page for ages before I get around to writing them, and some will never be written at all. Whilst I love lists, you could just dedicate a whole page to blog post ideas, and maybe start jotting down points you want to make when you come up with the idea.

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My goals page is one of my most-used pages in my journal. I have it set up in a bar chat style, but am currently trying to realise it in a different way as my Twitter following definitely needs documenting separately. The red lines show my initial goals for the year, though I need to update this now I’ve changed my goals.

Whilst I do like this page, I want to make it more goal oriented as I think it works more as a follower tracker.

Blogger's Guide To Bullet Journalling -

Blog stats

My stats page is one of my favourite pages, and it’s the one I look forward to filling out each month. Last month I tracked my blog stats and my Twitter stats, and also recorded my social media following and my goals for July.

I intend to dedicate a whole post to how I record my stats, but for now I’ll just show you a glimpse into my stats for June, which you’ll already have seen if you’ve looked inside my bullet journal.

Blogger's Guide To Bullet Journalling -

Habit tracker

I’m currently in a bit of a funk when it comes to tracking my habits. I like the idea of a habit tracker, but I’m struggling to make it work for me. I really want to track when I blog and comment, and how many tweets I send, but I need to work out a system that I will actually fill in. I’m currently using my monthly overview to record the days I blogged but I’ve yet to work out how to track my tweets and comments effectively.

That concludes my must-have bullet journal pages for bloggers. Let me know if you use jour BuJo to plan your blog content, and if you do it differently to me. If you have any ideas on how I can use my goals page more effectively, please let me know in the comments as I’m really struggling to make it work!