My Blogging Routine

I love these sorts of posts as I’m really interested in how others blog. I thought I’d write my own today to give you a bit of an insight into how things work behind the scenes here at Lazy Thoughts, in the hope that you find it at least a little bit interesting!

How/when do I write posts?

Recently, I’ve been writing posts as and when I have the inspiration to do so. Writing is the most important process for me. I make lists of topics/potential post titles in my bullet journal and then I write them when I have time. Sometimes I will sit and write a whole post at a time, but more often than not I will stagger it over a few days, or leave it in my drafts for months on end. I often try and come up with some key points to include before I start writing to give me more of a structure.

What is my blogging schedule?

If you’re a hardcore follower of my blog (do they exist?) you’ll know that I don’t really have a schedule. My imaginary schedule that I keep for myself is a new post every other day. When I’m really feeling on top of my blogging game, I can keep up with this no problem. I think that’s partly why I get so frustrated when I haven’t blogged in a week; I know I can post every other day when I put my mind to it.

How do I take & edit my photos?

I take the majority of my photos with my Olympus PEN E-PL7, though most of my older photos were taken on either a Sony a450 or Sony a58. I still own both of these cameras, but the ease of my PEN makes it the obvious choice for blogging. I randomly take photos in bulk to use in future posts, but I often shoot specific image(s) after writing. I used to use stock photos, though I do this less these days as I like the creativity of using my own images.

Shooting on the Olympus PEN is easy, and I just use the standard lens. It has a touch screen which works wonders to minimise shake, and the screen flips down for those perfect flatlays. I transfer the photos straight to my phone via wifi, and then use the ‘Transfer’ app to transfer the photos from my phone to my laptop.

Once the images are on my laptop, I use Photoshop to edit them. Often I just use curves to increase the brightness, but sometimes change the temperature to get better whites, and on the main image above I used a Photoshop filter. I add all the text myself, starting with a plain white rectangle down to about 75% opacity. I use Bebas Neue for the majority of the text, and Origi for words I want to stand out more. Sometimes I have to play around a lot with which word will be in Origi, but it always works out okay. Then I just hit save, save as a high quality png, and upload straight to WordPress!

When do I check my stats?

I wrote about tracking your stats a while back, and this is still something I do regularly. I check my stats often; particularly on Buffer to see how certain tweets are performing. I track my stats in my bullet bournal at the end of each month, and then write up a blog post about it for more of an analysis. If you’re interested in stats and would like to see mine, pop on over to my social media category and have a scroll.

So there you have it, a little insight into my blogging routine/process. Obviously there’s a few other things that go into my blogging process; scheduling tweets, social media strategy, promoting posts, replying to comments, managing advertising and checking my email, but I didn’t want this to become a massively long post about absolutely everything. I’m going to write a post going more in-depth into my photography process as I have quite a lot to say about that, but if there’s anything else you’d like me to cover then please let me know in the comments!

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