I’m starting a newsletter

I’m starting a newsletter. It seems to be the done thing in the Blogosphere right now and something I hadn’t really given much thought to until recently. A couple of nights ago I was listening to an episode of the Hashtag Authentic podcast all about the importance of building a mailing list and I just kinda figured… why not? I’ve always thought there wasn’t any point in having a mailing list just as a blogger because I could offer everything I wanted to right here, but I’ve come to realise that maybe that isn’t the case. I wanted to write a quick post on what to expect from my newsletter, what I’m hoping to get out of it and just a general chat on why I think it might be worth it.

I’m only actually subscribed to a couple of blogging newsletters myself but I love having them land in my inbox. My fave by a mile is Rhianna’s, as I think she captures all the best bits of her blog and her life really well, and I always look forward to reading what she’s got to say. I don’t often have time during the week to sit down and catch up on new blog posts, so when I can get them straight to my inbox it seems like a no-brainer. Whilst my audience is certainly not a patch on the size of Rhianna’s, I’d like to make it as easy as possible for those that care to read my posts!

So what can you expect from my newsletter?

Well, my current plan is to keep things simple. I can’t commit to sending out a weekly newsletter, as I’m lucky if I’m getting out one post a week right now so there wouldn’t be a lot of content to talk about, so I’m starting with a monthly roundup. I’m going to share all the posts I’ve shared during the month, maybe talk about some posts I’ve been loving, a few of my favourite Instagram posts, and just general bits and pieces to do with my blog. I might occasionally throw in some tips and tricks too, but for the most part it’s going to be a place to catch up with all my content.

I’m hoping that having a newsletter will help me stay more organised with my blog and give more structure to my ideas. I haven’t actually put anything together yet as I’m planning on sending it out at the end of each month, but I’m sure I’ll have a clearer idea of where things are going when I actually start putting my ideas into practice.

If you think this sounds like it might be up your street, you can subscribe through the widget in my sidebar (scroll down if you’re on mobile). Or, click ‘home’ in my nav and scroll a little. It’s super quick and easy I promise!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little post. It’s nice to just sit and write something off the cuff for a change, as most of my content is meticulously planned nowadays! I’d love to know what your opinions are on newsletters. Do you write one? Are you subscribed to any? What keeps you coming back, or makes you subscribe in the first place?

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