How I promote my blog posts

Self-promotion is a funny one, isn’t it? It feels awkward shouting about things you’ve done in a bid to get people to notice you. In the blogosphere though, there’s a lot to be said for self-promotion. You can sit and wait for other people to blow your trumpet until the cows come home, but think of all the potential traffic you’ll be missing out on in the meantime. I’ve been blogging for nearly five years now and I’ve got a few tips for how to promote your blog posts successfully based on my experiences. 

Where should you promote your blog posts?

The first step to take when deciding to promote your blog posts is to work out where you need to be promoting them. A number of things will affect this, but the main ones are the types of post you’re writing (i.e. fashion, beauty, parenting etc.) and where your current audience is coming from.

The type of post you’re writing is important, as it should help you work out where your audience is. For example, if you’re part of loads of parenting groups on Facebook and you’re writing parenting content, that would be a good place to start promoting your content! Similarly if you’ve built up a following of beauty enthusiasts on Twitter, getting your beauty content in front of that audience is going to be massively beneficial. 

That might sound obvious, but promotion can be about tapping into existing audiences rather than tracking down new ones.

All of the big social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) have large blogging communities full of people sharing their posts, so it’s just a case of tapping into that market.

Platforms like Instagram can also be useful for promoting content if what you’re posting is quite visual. The trick is to make promotion feel seamless. If you’ve got over 10,000 followers, the swipe up tool on stories is invaluable for sending your audience straight to your posts.

It’s also useful to work out where your current audience is coming from, as if you’re already driving a lot of traffic from Twitter, it could be a sign you should work on driving traffic from other places. Equally, if you can see you’re getting a steady stream of views from Facebook without having put much effort in yourself, you could choose to really hone in on this platform to increase engagement from an audience which is already there.

How should you promote your blog posts?

When you’re first thinking about promotion, it can be tricky to know where to begin. What should you write? How often should you promote things? Should you promote individual posts or your blog as a whole?

The answer to this one is a bit subjective, and depends on where you’re promoting your posts. Personally, I primarily promote my posts on Twitter and Pinterest so I’ll go into the most detail with these.

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I think imagery is really important when you’re trying to get people to click on links, but this is especially true on Pinterest. It’s a platform ruled by stunning imagery and bright graphics, so you need to be producing images that make people want to click!

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Whilst Twitter isn’t as image-focused, I find images in blog promos much more eye-catching, and know that this is what I engage with myself.

I think it’s also important to write engaging captions/titles, but don’t use clickbait! There’s a fine line between drawing people in with a catchy title and misleading them, and all that will happen with the latter is that people will open your blog, scroll for a couple of seconds before realising this isn’t the content they wanted, then leave. This isn’t good for your bounce rate and ultimately will have an adverse affect on your promotion in general as people won’t trust your captions.

A recent trend I’ve seen and have used a couple of times, is using a quote from your post in the caption. If you include quotation marks, people will know exactly what they’re signing up to before clicking your link and are more likely to click through and read your post.

Which blog posts should you promote?

I promote different blog posts on different platforms depending on the content. I will usually post all of my new posts on Twitter, as my audience are diverse and relatively engaged so I know I’ll always get a few views on any new content I write.

I don’t promote all my new posts on Pinterest. This is because I have some very specific niches on the platform – interiors, bullet journalling, photography and blogging – and my posts don’t always sit naturally under any of these. I’d rather lose out on a few views on Pinterest in favour of promoting more vigorously on Twitter. The posts that do fit into my niches though? I go to town with those. Each post will be pinned to as many relevant boards I’m a part of (including group boards) as well as generic boards for bloggers.

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Basically, it’s about finding out where the most relevant place to share your post is, and promoting it there. If all your posts are in the same niche then sure, share all of them in the same place, but just be mindful of where your audience is.

When should you promote your blog posts?

Again this is different per platform, but the answer is whenever your audience are most engaged. This might be a few times a day, and it might not be when you’re online so consider using a scheduling tool like Buffer for Twitter and Instagram or Tailwind for Pinterest to post your content at a time that works for your audience.

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Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope it’s helped you think about blog promotion and that there were a few useful tips in there for you!

Let me know how you promote your blog posts. Do you have success posting them in places I’ve never thought of? I’d love to know!

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