Blog and Social Stats | January 2018

Now that the eternal month of January is over, it’s time for my first blog and social stats post of 2018. I’m actually really excited to delve a bit deeper into my stats this month as I know I’ve smashed a lot of goals so I can’t wait to share how I’ve got on. It’s also nice to be back writing again. I had a bit of a hiatus from my blog in the last half of January but I think it was necessary. I’ve just felt really zapped creatively (I’ve barely Instagrammed either) and felt like a break was called for.


I feel like I’ve been quite quiet on Twitter this month. I tweeted less than December but got more likes and retweets so maybe I tweeted more interesting stuff? Probably not. I gained 69 followers this month which is good, but it’s not going to get me anywhere near my goal of 10k by the end of the year. I definitely need to up my game moving forward but it’s so hard! I know it’s just a case of following my own advice and interacting more but seriously where do you all find the time!?

Blog and Social Media Stats - My most liked Instagram posts, January 2018 | Lazy Thoughts


Hello darkness, my old friend. I don’t think it’s a secret than pretty much everyone has fallen out of love with Instagram of late, and that’s certainly how I felt moving into the new year. I briefly tried to be more creative which lasted all of 3 posts before I ran out of ideas and then took a week off IG. I went skiing for a week which gave me some good mountain content and tons to put on my Insta stories and then had some more time away from the grid.

I lost 27 followers this month which I think is probably due to having a bit of a clear out of who I actually follow. I’ve had my blog Instagram for over two years now and to be honest I just follow a lot of people I’m no longer interested in. There are some friendly faces among those I’ve unfollowed who I still follow on Twitter etc., but if I’m not interested in their Instagram content what’s the point? I’ve been a bit ruthless and unfollowed 200+ people so far, so I’m not hugely surprised to have a loss myself. Particularly as I’ve barely posted either.

Interestingly there are two posts that made my top 6 that I didn’t expect to be here, and it makes me feel like I might actually be heading in the right direction. They also both feature bits of me (and my hair) which was a goal of mine for the year so maybe I’m actually going to find a theme that suits me?

Blog stats & google analytics

Onto the actual exciting part of this post – my blog stats. This month has been amazing in terms of stats, and it’s 100% down to the pages I’m bringing into my 2018 bullet journal post I wrote in the first week of Jan. I’d been planning to write this one for ages and I’m gutted I didn’t manage to get it live before Jan had even started (if you remember December’s post-Christmas spike, I think it would have gone down a treat). But you live and learn, right? The old favourites are also still doing well and I remembered to schedule some tweets at the start of the month so I really couldn’t have been happier with how this month has gone.

I believe this is actually my highest performing month to date, smashing January 2017 out of the park with over 1,000 views more at 17.2k. My only real wish is that I’d hit 1.2k in a day as that giant spike in the middle falls slightly short of it, but I’m still way above my aveerage with between 200-400 views a day so I can’t really complain!

I’m super excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the year, and to have finally got a bit back on track with all things blog/Instagram this week. Let me know how you got on with your stats this month!

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