Blog and Social Stats | September 2017

September seems to have absolutely whizzed by (I turned 23 on the 27th HOW) and it’s time for another stats post. But this time… my stats have improved! Much shock, very excite. I never know how to start my stats posts because I know you’re all here to be nosy, so let’s just get to the point.


Twitter has been a funny one this month. I gained 89 followers on the platform which to be honest is quite a bit less than usual, and didn’t reach my target 3k. On the upsite, I have now broken the 2,900 threshold so hopefully I should reach that goal in October. I tweeted a little more than last month but I know this was mainly promo tweets and I’m tweeting much less actual content. I really want to work on this but I swear I have no time for just scrolling on Twitter anymore!?

Blog and social media stats | September 2017 |


My top Instagram posts of the month are a bit of a mixed bag, though are still mainly the pink-toned flat lays we know and love. I did buy a few different coloured backdrops yesterday though, so I’m going to be switching this up a little throughout the autumn months. I gained 54 followers on the platform this month, which isn’t great but isn’t awful. At least I didn’t lose again like last month! I also just feel like I’ve used this theme to death and I need to switch it up a bit to keep it exciting for myself.

Blog stats & Google Analytics

I wrote 6 posts this month which I’m pretty happy about as it’s more than one a week and is an amount I can keep up with. I mentioned in the intro that my stats have improved this month, and that’s largely down to re-focusing on Pinterest. I joined a couple of Tailwind tribes, pinned to more group boards and just tried to get myself out there. I’ve realised that whilst I would love to build a following through Twitter and IG alone, having a ready-and-waiting audience on Pinterest for my bullet journal posts is really something I should be utilising more. This realisation came when I was writing my how to use Pinterest with your blog post, which has definitely been my most popular post written this month! I’ve also seen a rise in organic traffic to my Unidays student discount post. Not surprising as it’s new student season but it does always astound me that this post has done so well!

I think the end of the year is usually where I feel most inspired with my blog (it’s also my four year blogiversary in November so that’s exciting!) so hopefully October is going to be a good month on Lazy Thoughts. I’ve got four new advertisers on my sidebar, a backlog of content I need to get written and photographed and a couple of goals I’m excited to work on. What are your goals for October? Let me know in the comments.

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