Getting my hair cut at The Chapel, Horsham | AD

Last Thursday, I was invited to a press day at The Chapel in Horsham to celebrate their opening. As I hadn’t had my hair cut since around March, I jumped at the chance to go along and try something new. 

Horsham isn’t all that far from me, so I jumped in the car after work and headed over to The Chapel. From the moment I walked in the door, everyone was super friendly and welcoming and I felt relaxed right away. I was invited to leave some of my things in one of their lockers to save carting everything around, which was good because the colouring and cutting areas are on different floors of The Chapel, so it saved faffing about. 

After I’d grabbed a drink, it was time for a tour. The Chapel has only been open around a month, so it was nice to get in early and see it basically brand new. The Chapel is actually inside an old chapel and many of the original features have been kept – including the font, which now sits under floorboards, and the brick walls upstairs. It’s nice to see the mix of old and new come together and the space really feels inviting and cosy.

Cosiness is at the heart of The Chapel; it’s built on your experience as a place of relaxation, and you can tell that every piece of it has been built with this in mind. The mirrors are cleverly suspended from the ceiling, meaning you don’t have to awkwardly sit next to someone and worry about making small talk, you can just sit and watch your hair being transformed. All the mirrors are cleverly lit too, meaning you’re always viewing yourself in a flattering light and not harsh daylight.

Once my tour was over, it was time to meet my stylist for the evening – Mark. I’d been asked to bring my current hair products and styling tools with me, so that Mark could get a feel for me and my hair. I showed him my favourite shampoo and conditioner duo, my current heat protectant spray and my favourite straightener and curling iron. We chatted a bit about what sort of styles I liked, my face shape, my parting and a little about colours.

Then it was time to get the chop. I felt confident that Mark had listened to what I wanted (the vaguest of briefs – “I just want it to do something”) and I was excited to get into the appointment itself. 

I always love getting my hair washed at the hairdressers, for me it’s usually the best bit. I hate washing my own hair so having someone else do it always feels luxurious, and I do love a head massage! The washing area at The Chapel is perfect for a bit of relaxation, and with the dimmed lights and reclining chairs it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if people actually fell asleep here.

After the wash it was time for my cut to begin. I’m never usually massively fazed by having my hair cut, even if it’s a drastic change, and I was more than happy to be quite daring and ended up getting around three inches off. Mark was easy to talk to and we chatted all things blogging, hairdressing and life-related. I think it’s nice when your hair stylist really ‘gets’ you and you just feel comfortable in the chair.

Once Mark had taken the length off and given it a quick blow dry, we talked styling. I’m very much a get-up-and-go kinda person when it comes to my hair. If I have to give it a quick straighten then I will and I’ll often curl it if I’m going somewhere nice, but that’s pretty much it. Mark showed me how he’d curl my hair using my tongs which was nice, as I know I can create the exact look he did on me myself.

Here’s the finished look…

Ta-da! My new look.

I absolutely love it! I think this is the shortest it’s ever been and whilst unfortunately I didn’t take a before photo for a proper comparison, you can see the old length in my post on turning twenty-four.

Pricing at The Chapel is set by the hour rather than by service which I think is great, especially if you’re just having a quick chop! All first appointments come with a free 15 minute consultation too, so you can talk to your stylist about what you want and get a feel for them before your appointment begins.

I really enjoyed my experience at The Chapel and I don’t doubt I’ll be back (albeit probably in about 6 months time when I remember to get my hair cut again…) and I’d thoroughly recommend a visit to anyone in the area. More information about The Chapel—including their full list of salons if you aren’t a Sussex local—can be found on their website

Have you ever visited any of The Chapel locations? What did you think?