Fighting dry skin with Green People | AD

white hand soap and hand cream bottles on white surface in front of purple background

I don’t know what happened this winter but my skin was SO. DRY. You know when your hands get so dry that you can’t touch anything without cringing? Yeah, that was me. So you can imagine my excitement when Green People got in touch to save my winter skin. It couldn’t have come at a better time either as I was about to head off skiing for a week and knew that I’d be coming home with my skin drier than ever.

I wouldn’t be writing this post if I hadn’t loved the products, but I honestly can’t explain to you how much I loved using them. The hand wash in particular was great; I love anything low maintenance and so I was more drawn to using something I wouldn’t have to add into my daily routine – it would just be a change-up. I was previously using a Method hand wash which did the job, but doesn’t have anywhere near the moisturising properties of the Green people one! I’ve since switched back to my Method hand wash to use it up and I’m really noticing the difference. I can’t wait to get back to the honey and lemon scent and super smooth hands I’d grown accustomed to!

As much as I loved the hand wash, I feel like the hand cream was the main thing that helped restore my poor, dry skin to its former glory. Again, the scent is incredible and so up my street (anything lemon, lavender or vanilla is my go-to) and I feel like every time I wear it, it’s a little treat for my skin. It also sinks in really quickly. I usually keep a little bottle of E45 hand cream on my desk at work, and this stuff sinks in waaaay quicker so there’s less of that weird hand-drying flapping going on whilst you’re waiting for it to get to work.

Let’s talk details

It’s no secret that I’ve been trying to make more ethical changes in my life, one of those being to only use cruelty-free products. All products from Green People are cruelty-free, certified organic and use no harsh chemicals which is a real winner and super important to me. Both products I’ve mentioned are also vegan, and have anti-bacterial properties to help keep your skin feeling fresh and clean.

Both products retail at around the £12 mark, which is perhaps a little on the pricey side but the results are a bit of a no-brainer for me! I’ve been having a good whiff of the hand cream whilst writing this post and I just can’t get enough. So lemony and delicious!

If you’re a lemon-lover like me, I can’t recommend these products enough! And even if you aren’t, Green People is a great place to start when looking for more ethical products. What’s your go-to brand for vegan-friendly products?