Cruelty-free by 2019: how did I do?

So it may not be 2019 just yet, but I’m pretty much done with buying makeup for the year and I wanted to do a bit of an update as to where I’m at with my cruelty-free journey.

I started thinking about going cruelty-free back in 2017 and wrote a post looking at how cruelty-free my makeup bag was. Since then, it’s been a slow process of trying out everything from new foundations to toiletries, and gradually learning as much as I can about cruelty-free beauty.

I’m proud to say I’m pretty much completely cruelty-free now. I’ve still got a Mac highlighter which I’m working my way through, a couple of Benefit mascaras laying about, and a whole host of toiletries I’ve collected in a cupboard to get through, but everything I use on the daily is cruelty-free.

I’m also reaching for different brands more often. I’m constantly looking up new brands I discover to see if they’re cruelty-free, and if they aren’t then I’m putting them straight back on the shelf. It takes a little longer to browse the shelves now but I’m okay with that. I like trying new things, and this process has allowed me to do that regularly. I’m also being much pickier with products – if it’s not quite right, I’m not repurchasing. I don’t want to feel like I’m sacrificing anything in my makeup routine to be cruelty-free so finding a selection of products I love and would recommend is my ultimate goal!

So, what exactly am I using?

My base used to be made up of non-CF products and now sees a Too Faced primer and Urban Decay foundation taking centre stage. I’m not sure I’ve quite found my perfect base yet (still angry that NARS have started selling in China because Sheer Glow is BAE) but I’m sure I’ll get there.Β 

I’m using an MUA setting powder which seems to last a lot longer than my old powders (maybe because it’s loose?) and an MUA bronzer too. I’ve also branched out with my eyebrows, and instead of filling them in with eyeshadow, I’m now using an Elf brow gel.

I’ve also upgraded my moisturiser from Celestial to Vanishing Cream (both from Lush) and picked up a new blending sponge.

Everything else is largely the same. When my Revolution eyeliner ran out I picked up an Elf one, but that then ran out really quickly so I switched back to Revolution. My new Revolution eyeliner seems much better, and I’m not sure if it’s just the packaging that’s updated or the formula too, but it’s definitely staying as a firm fave and I won’t be switching it out again anytime soon!

I’ve also picked up some expensive Mac lipstick replacements (Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk & Bond Girl and Sex on the Peach by Too Faced) and I’m still using Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes. It’s safe to say Naked Heat is a new fave in my collection.

So all in all I’m pretty happy with my cruelty-free choices for the year. I may not be completely finished in terms of my CF journey (my makeup bag is just the start!) but it’s a step I’m happy I’ve taken.

Are you cruelty-free? What did you find the hardest about switching up your products?