Blog and social media stats | June 2018

Blog and social media stats | June 2018

Want to hear all about how my blog performed in June? You’re in the right place. In case you’re new here, my current stats trend for 2018 has been as follows: a slow decline. I’ve moaned about it a lot in previous posts, but I think it might be time to admit that the problem is me, not my stats. I bloody love blogging, but I just don’t have the time to write 10 posts a month like I used to. This month, I managed three. And whilst I’m proud of all of them (particularly my San Fran post as it took me friggin’ ages!) it’s definitely my fault that my stats are in decline. I’m coming at July with this in mind and trying to focus on enjoying the content I’m creating rather than stressing that there’s not enough of it, so with that in mind let’s delve into my June 2018 blog and social media stats.

Top 3 Instagram posts of June 2018 on @lzythoughts Top 3-6 Instagram posts of June 2018 on @lzythoughts


Instagram was the first platform that I decided to make changes on this month. I’d been falling out of love with it for ages, so decided to just have an hour of creating new content and see if it helped. It did, though I still lost 2 followers overall this month. I honestly haven’t seen any Instagram growth in around a year now, and I’m not sure how to feel about it. Maybe I’m just destined to sit around the 1140 mark forever? Most of my photos get over 100 likes, but there’s still the odd few that fall short of that. Again though, it’s a time thing, and I don’t have endless time to shoot new content for Instagram, so maybe I will just have to settle.

Twitter & Pinterest

I’m grouping these two together as there’s not a whole lot to say on either of them. I pretty much halved my tweets in June compared with May, and considering I’d dropped in May compared to April, I had my worst stats month on Twitter for a while. I have the premium Buffer subscription so really it’s just laziness/forgetfulness that stops me bulk scheduling tweets. I’m hoping to get back on top of it in July, but I think I say that every month…

Pinterest is another platform that goes through periods of love and neglect. This month I pinned a few bits of my own but nothing really of note. My average monthly viewers are up to just over 110k but my daily impressions of pins from my blog are down 20% at around 2,550. My top pin of the month was this one with 114 saves and 339 clicks.

Blog stats – Google Analytics

I’m sure it’s no surprise that my stats are in the red given my intro to this post, but just in case you were wondering, there they are. I did have a couple of spikes throughout the month in sessions but everything sort of quietened down towards the end, particularly in comparison to the month before.

My top post from June was my June bullet journal spreads post with around 340 pageviews, following the trend from previous months. As mentioned, I only posted three times this month so most of my views are still coming from older posts circulating on Pinterest.

I haven’t been advertising anywhere for the past couple of months, but I’ve signed up for a month with Gwennan so I’ll see if that makes any difference to my stats for July. Here’s to me sorting my content out next month!

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