Blog and social media stats | May 2018

Blog and social media stats | May 2018

When I shared my stats last month, it was pretty easy to see I was frustrated. I was bored of the format of these posts, bored of always reporting a decline in stats, just bored of it all. This month I’m in slightly better spirits, but there is that little niggle in my mind about how stagnant my stats always are. I’ve been feeling in a rut with Instagram, forgetting about Twitter, barely having time to blog, and although I’ve made peace with this a little more than I had last month, it’s stil in the back of my mind that I could be doing more. Bear with me as I delve into my stats this month.

May 2018 top likes Instagram


I gained 11 followers on Instagram this month (wow, so good) but as mentioned above I’ve been really struggling with my feed. I personally love feeds filled with nature and the sea, fashion content, flatlays and anything pastel. This leaves me with a few ideas for my own feed, but many I can’t put into practice. I don’t live by the coast, or spend nearly enough time walking through beautiful woodland. I can’t afford to be shooting great ‘fashion’ content every week, and I get bored taking flatlays constantly. I’ve been trying to mix up my editing style slightly but I just can’t decide what I like. I think I’m going to have to have a giant brainstorming session soon and just create a moodboard and try and stick to it.

That tangent aside, I think it’s important to evaluate what you’re actually trying to do with a platform. I think my struggles with Instagram come from the fact that I find it difficult to engage with others, but that’s all I want in return. Throughout July I’m really going to make the effort to leave more comments in the hope that I find a love for the platform again.

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My May stats are the worst I’ve seen all year, so there’s a lot of work to do with drops across the board. I attribute some of this to my lack of Twitter use. Whilst I only tweeted 11 times less than in April, my impressions were down 30k from April at 71.2k, and my link clicks almost halved as a result at 193. Don’t get me wrong, 193 link clicks is still great – I just know it could be higher if I put the work in. I need to schedule tweets consistently rather than how sporadic they are currently.

My most popular post last month was my May 2018 bullet journal spreads with nearly 450 pageviews. I’m glad it performed well as my monthly spreads are a relatively new addition to my blog but one I’m enjoying sharing.

As usual, Pinterest is my highest referrer bringing in around 60% of my traffic. Unsurprisingly, mobile is performing well too, and I largely attribute that to Pinterest. I’m glad I invested in a Pipdig theme that really shines in mobile because I feel like it’s a better user journey for lots of my readers.

In summary, I need to work much harder if I want to see the results. I’ve been saying this for the last few months but not really following through, but it’s becoming apparent that nothing’s going to change on its own. I think more consistent posting is probably needed as well, as I can feel myself constantly playing catch up! Here’s to a better June.

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