Blog and Social Stats | November 2017

Blog and Social Stats | November 2017

You know when you have a bit of a down month but your stats don’t necessarily reflect it? Well, that was November. I beat my October stats blog-wise, but everything else has just felt flat. I’ve struggled with Instagram, been bored of Twitter and haven’t really touched Pinterest. I think I’ve posted maybe 4 times throughout the whole month, and now it’s December and everyone’s doing Blogmas and I’m just having one of those ‘why am I doing this again?’ moments. I think sometimes these posts help me reflect on what I’m doing though, so hopefully by the end of this I’ve had a bit of a wakeup call.


I invested in a Buffer subscription either last month or the one before, and this month I finally used it to its full potential. I scheduled tweets for days at a time (especially at the start of the month) and really saw a boost in my blog traffic because of it. I didn’t really tweet that much outside of promotional content though, so it’s not surprising I only gained 55 followers. Don’t think I’ll be reaching that 5k end of year goal anytime soon. I always plan on engaging more on Twitter but it never quite works out as I just think I’m annoying people. I’m going to try and make a conscious effort to change that though!

November blog and social media stats - my most liked Instagram posts of November 2017 | Lazy Thoughts


Instagram has been a funny one for me this month. I had a bit of a re-think of what I wanted my account to look like mid-way through the month, and then I just got bored. I think many people are finding that the way they use Instagram isn’t working anymore, and for me this was just one extra thing I couldn’t be bothered with. I’ve barely blogged at all this month, and my Instagram really reflects that. I’ve gained 23 followers which is better than some months but I need to put more effort in if I’m ever going to reach 10k. On the upside, it would seem that I wasn’t the only one loving the idea of a pink and pretty theme. My most liked photo this month was the mug with 223 – my most ever!

November stats compared to October | Lazy Thoughts

Blog Stats & Google Analytics

Now on to the fun stuff. As I mentioned, I actually did better than my October stats, and that was definitely due to all the promo content I scheduled. The spike at the start of the month was also due to Tailwind, but you can see a steady average of 100+ pageviews a day, bringing my total to 6.8k for the month. I’m going to try and maintain this throughout December, but I think it’ll be a bit harder when everyone’s promoting their Blogmas content and Twitter is that little bit more saturated! We’ll see though, I could be wrong.

My favourite post to write this month was my one on Scrapbooking San Francisco and I can’t wait to share some more stories from our trip this month. I’m busy every single weekend from now until the new year so not quite sure how much I’m going to be blogging this month, but you know what? It’s the festive season and I’m happy to just go with the flow. Let me know if you’re doing Blogmas this year as I’d love to find out about your plans and read some festive posts!

That’s it for this little roundup, but I’d just like to do a quick shoutout to Llinos and Ellen for advertising with me throughout November. I highly suggest you give both their blogs a read if you’re looking for new content!

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