Blog and Social Stats | October 2017

Blog and Social Stats | October 2017

Welcome to another blog and social media stats post. We’re just racing through the year, aren’t we? Apologies for the very basic photography in this post. The festive season is upon us and I always struggle to adjust when it starts getting dark earlier (and the clocks going back haven’t helped). Maybe it’s time to invest in a softbox? Anyway, this month has been an interesting one for the blog, so stick around to find out just how I got on.


I gained 110 followers on Twitter this month, and finally hit 3k. I was aiming for this by the end of September, but I’m not too far behind that goal. 5k by the end of the year still might be a little optimistic at 1,000 followers a month, but we’ll see. I did join a couple of Twitter chats this month which is basically unheard of for me nowadays and it was nice to get back into the blogging community a little more. I also got a Buffer subscription and tweeted a lot more promo content towards the end of the month. I really felt on top of my game (although this hasn’t reflected in my stats just yet) so hopefully I can keep this up in November.


Ah, Instagram. There’s definitely been a theme in my most liked photos of the past couple of months, and shock, it’s photos I actually like the most myself. Basically flat lays, anything pastel pink and blue, and city shots are my like-drivers. Luckily I’m off to San Francisco on the 7th, so expect tons of city/travel posts in Nov! I gained 31 followers this month which is one a day, so if I carry on at that rate I’ll hit the elusive 10k on the 26th of February 2042, when I’ll be 47. The less said about that, the better.

Blog Stats & Google Analytics

Last month I mentioned how amazing my stats had been. Sadly, no such story this month. We seem to be back to ‘normal’. I’m still hovering around 7k average pageviews, but there’s nothing really exciting happening. I saw a bit of a spike in traffic from Tailwind this month which has died down slightly towards the end of the month. I have just created a new Tailwind board for bloggers looking to connect though, so come and join if this sounds like your thing!

I posted 6 times this month which I’m pretty happy with. My most viewed of those was I’m starting a newsletter (which you should definitely sign up to!). Said newsletter won’t be going out for a couple more days whilst I get my shit together, but it’s coming! I also finally got an opinion post out which I’ve been sat on for a while. Should you work for free? is an interesting topic to discuss, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I think November is going to be quite an exciting one for Lazy Thoughts. It’s my blog’s fourth birthday, I’ve got a ton of content ready to go and I’m off to San Fran meaning hopefully some travel content will be coming your way too. Let me know what you’ve got planned for November. I’ll see you next time.

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