Blog and Social Stats | July 2017

Blog and Social Stats | July 2017

This month’s stats post is going to be a bit of a different one, in that I’ve had something of a stats overhaul when it comes to my blog. I realised I’ve been looking at my stats as a whole rather than focusing on the indivudual parts and in doing so have sort of overlooked my blog for what it is. I’ve been focusing on my Pinterest audience rather than those of you who actually care, and that’s just not useful for anyone. August is going to be all about working on growing an authentic audience and putting my best self on show. I’ll leave that til the end though, so for now let’s jump into my social media stats for July.


I doubled my tweets this month and came out with 319 total. This is largely due to scheduling content most days on Buffer, but I’ve also made more of an effort to engage in conversation and just be chatty and open with as many people as possible. I gained 161 followers which I’m pretty happy about. If I can carry on the same way in August, I should reach 3,000 followers pretty soon.

My exciting tweet of the month was from Mooncup, who picked up my Mooncup experience post and shared it with their followers.


Blog and Social Stats July 2017 |
It’s safe to say my curated content is doing the best by FAR. That said, only 9 of my grams this month got over 100 likes, which gives me an engagement rate worse than 10% – not exactly fab (though I can’t see the actual impressions of each photo cos I turned off my business account). I’m averaging between 60 and 80 likes on most photos which is getting me down tbh. I read something on Twitter recently which was questioning whether IG favoured recent photos taken on your phone, and I can definitely see this being the case. My top two photos from the month were taken on my Olympus PEN, but I uploaded them to Insta within about 5 minutes of them being taken. I plan to test this theory throughout August, trying to upload recent, fresh content where possible. In total I gained 50 followers this month, but we all know the algorithm is screwing us over there too.


As we’ve established, my largest audience come from Pinterest. They’re looking for some bullet journal inspiration, and they just so happen to have found it on my blog. My 5 must-have pages for your bullet journal post has over 65,000 views – most of which can be attributed to Pinterest, and I need to capitalise on this in the future. I already have a bullet journal post photographed and ready to go for this month, but I want to showcase the other stuff I’m good at too. I think it’s about working out what I use Pinterest for, what I’m interested in writing about, and if these two can work together to make Pinterest-worthy content. I didn’t gain or lose any followers on Pinterest this month but I plan to use it more in August so hopefully will be following lots of new accounts myself. Leave your username in the comments and I’ll be sure to give you a follow!

Google Analytics

My biggest Google Analytics win for the month was hitting 200,000 blog views. I checked out of curiosity on the 31st as I knew I’d been close for a while and I was literally three views away. Obviously I tweeted about it and you came through to help a gal out. My pageviews for the month were up, and my bounce rate is finally dropping which is fab to see. My actual sessions were down slightly, but I’m planning on really working hard from the start of the month (i.e. now) to improve this for August.

Obviously as I said at the start of this post, I am going to be rethinking my analytics slightly. I don’t want everything to be about pageviews and sessions because realistically this isn’t my audience – it’s coming from people I don’t know and haven’t targeted on Pinterest. I’m still going to monitor my Google Analytics, but I’m mostly going to use the data from my social media stats to help me find out who is visiting my blog, and how I can cater to new audiences.

I actually think July might be the first month that I’ve hit a content goal. I wanted to post once every five days and I actually think I managed it. I’ve been a bit optimistic for August and I’m going for something new every three days, but really anything from three to five is good for me. I also hit my Twitter goal of 2500 followers (and exceeded it by almost 200) but was way off an extra 100 on Instagram. I’ll stick to trying for the same again.

My goals for August are 1100 Instagram followers, 3200 Twitter followers and one new post every three days. Wish me luck and leave your August goals in the comments!

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