Blog and Social Stats | May 2017

Blog and Social Stats | May 2017

This month seems to have gone by in an absolute blur. But, it is in fact time for another blog and social stats post. May has been an okay month blog-wise. I haven’t been smashing goals or reaching record pageviews, but I’m being consistent which makes a nice change. Read on for the details.


You can really tell that I’ve been MIA on Twitter this month. My overall tweets, engagement, link clicks and follows have dropped pitifully in comparison to usual and I’ve only gained 45 followers on the platform. I do love Twitter but there has been so much drama kicking off recently that I just haven’t wanted to be a part of, and I think that’s reflected in my stats. I did get back into tweet scheduling at the start of the month, and I definitely need to set aside some time to do that for June and beyond.


Top Instagram Posts May 2017 | Blog and Social Stats
I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram, but you can see my most liked posts from May above. I’ve decided that for June I’m switching up the way I do things and there will be many more ‘blog-style’ flatlays and product shots featuring on my account in an effort to make it a bit more profesh. The photos above are ones I’m proud of though, and it goes to show that making an effort to put myself in my photos is a good idea. In total I gained 37 followers on Insta this month, putting me on the verge of 950… so close to 1k it hurts!

In last month’s post I mentioned that I would be participating in the brush letter challenge on Instagram. I kept this up for around two weeks but my engagement was way down on my brush letter photos, so I ultimately decided to create a separate account for lettering. You can find me at @lazylettering if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, though I’ve definitely been slacking with it a little!


I almost didn’t include Pinterest in this month’s round up because if I’m honest, I just haven’t used it. That said, it’s still my top referrer, so I do want to try and get into using it more as I know it would do wonders for my stats. I’ve only gained 9 followers on Pinterest this month which is certainly down to my sporadic use of the app, but according to my stats I am getting 82k+ monthly viewers on my pins. Hopefully I’ll do better next month with actually utilising these views!

Google Analytics

As per the past few months, my most popular post this month is still 5 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Bullet Journal. As I said above, Pinterest is my top referral, though Gwennan is still up there, just with slightly fewer referrals then when I was actively advertising with her (this bodes well for June & July because I’m back woo). My sessions this month have dropped to 7.5k, but that’s not really too bad considering my slow month on social.

My last bit of good stats news is my domain authority. My highest DA was around 23 at the tail end of last year, and then it fell to 17 and hasn’t really moved since. This month it’s been updated to 25 which is pretty cool.

My goals for May were to reach 2500 Twitter followers, 1000 on Instagram and to post every four days. Unsurprisingly, I did none of these, so I’m keeping the social goals for this month. I don’t think posting every four days is realistic for me (at all really) but this month in particular, as I’ve just started a new job and I’m going on holiday next week so I won’t have much time to start scheduling things. Let me know if you’ve got any goals for June, and if you’ve hit the illustrious 1k on Instagram please give me alllll the advice!

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