Blog and Social Stats | April 2017

Blog and Social Stats | April 2017

Hello hello. It’s that time of the month again and has April been an exciting month or what!? Spoiler: yes it has. My stats are back up again thanks to Pinterest so I’m excited to get into the details. So let’s get on with it shall we?


I keep mentioning in these posts that I haven’t scheduled tweets for the month, and unsurprisingly April has been no different. I did manage to get a couple in towards the end of the month, but not loads by any means. Somehow I gained 120 followers on the platform this month and whilst I didn’t quite reach my 2300 follower target, I am well into the 2200’s now. I’m looking to reach 2500 by June. June! How crazy is it that in one month’s time we’ll be nearing half way through the year!? But I Digress…

I’m sure part of my newfound following is due to the fact that I recently attended the #BWBLaunch event (I’ll be posting about that soon) and found a lot of new bloggers through that, but I have been putting more effort in on Twitter this month which I think shows in my analytics. I sent over 100 tweets more than last month at 264 and had a whopping 217 mentions up from just 88 in March. On the first of the month I was featured in Kat Last’s Ultimate list of European cities that you can visit in a weekend and my top mention of the month was when Kat promoted this on Twitter. Wahoo.


A lot has happened on Instagram this month. For starters, I’ve switched back to a personal account. There are many reasons I chose to do this, but one of the main ones being that my interaction was down due to my pictures not appearing in hashtag searches. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole ‘shadowbanning’ thing if I’m honest, but if it is real then I was certainly privy to it for a while.

My interaction has been a bit hit and miss since but I do seem to be appearing in hashtag searches again so that’s good. I have also noticed less bot follows this month but that could be down to that big bot site being closed down rather than my switch to a personal account. I also seem to be holding on to my followers. I’ve gained 96 followers this month compared to the measly 12 I managed last month, so that’s certainly a step in the right direction. Plus I’m finally over the 900 mark meaning my next milestone is the coveted 1k. It’s only taken me a year and a half…

April Blog & Social Stats - Instagram | April 2017

Obviously with a personal account I can no longer see my best performing posts, so I’ve redownloaded InsTrack to see my insights. The above photos are my top 6 for April, which has surprised me really as I wouldn’t say they were my best, but it goes to show how lacking my engagement has been towards the end of the month I think. Since Instagram changed some of their rules this isn’t my favourite app anymore as you can’t get a lot of insights, so if anyone has any other apps they use I’d love to know what they are.

In May, I’m going to be doing the #BrushLetteringPracticeChallenge using Random Olive’s guides (above is an afiliate link – I’ll gain comission at no extra cost to you if you purchase through my link, you know the drill) and documenting my results on Instagram. Make sure to give me a follow if you’re interested on keeping up!


I’m back up on my Pinterest traffic this month which has done wonders for my overall views. I’ve yet to delve properly into my Pinterest analytics after switching to a business profile at the end of last month, but my reach and impressions have grown steadily throughout April, despite my actual profile views stagnating. Still, I’ve managed to gain 28 followers somehow.

Google Analytics

My most popular post this month is 5 things I wish I’d known before starting a bullet journal for the second month in a row, and is bringing in plenty of traffic from Pinterest. My second biggest referral of the month is from Gwennan at Twenty Something Meltdown which is nice as it’s my last month advertising with her for a little while (unemployment is not the one and I need to save my pennies). In total I had 7.8k users in April, resulting in 12.3k pageviews, so I’m massively up on my pages per session average.

My goals for April were to tweet more regularly, update my Facebook page more often and work with my Pinterest stats. I definitely managed the tweeting, but I’m not so sure about the other two! In May, my goals for the month are to reach 2500 Twitter followers, 1000 on Instagram and to post every four days. Wish me luck!

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