Why I Think Blog Advertising is Worth it

Why I Think Blog Advertising is Worth it

I recently wrote about things I think are worth investing in as a blogger, but one thing I didn’t mention was advertising. I’ve been buying blog advertising packages on and off for the past year and I wanted to share some of my thoughts and experiences from doing so. I have toyed with the idea of setting up my own advertising packages, so let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be interested in.

For anyone who doesn’t know what blog advertising is like – there are often two or three packages to choose from which each offer slightly different perks. Ad spots are generally open to a handful of bloggers for varying prices below the £10 mark, often depending on an individual’s stats. The perks generally include things like group follow Friday tweets, Instagram promo and retweets of promotional tweets. Each blogger offers slightly different packages depending on where they can best help promote others, or what they wish to offer.

So, why advertise?

As a blogger or small business, advertising is obviously useful for getting your name out there to new audiences and this is the main reason I do it. There are other perks too, getting to know new bloggers and building relationships are two main ones, but increased traffic and engagement are also important.

There are negative sides to advertising – many bloggers write a ‘roundup’ style post where they detail what they like about your blog – but you’re paying them to do this, so it can feel a bit fake. More recently I’ve advertised with bloggers whose content I love and is similar to my own (oh hey, Gwennan) and I’ve found this to be a more authentic way of advertising. I know her readers will enjoy my content and therefore it makes sense to try and get my name in front of them.

I haven’t always advertised this way in the past (instead opting for bloggers I liked over ones my content was similar to) and I’ve been left disappointed with the results. It’s also worth nothing that you are essentially paying for a service. I’ve let things slide in the past that could have been fixed with a quick tweet or email, because I felt like they were doing me a favour rather and I didn’t want to appear rude. Of course you can’t expect people to be perfect all the time, and shooting someone a quick message is always the best way of dealing with things if they forget a tweet or get your name wrong in a post for example.

Now I’m thinking of setting up my own packages, I wanted to chat a bit about why I like them, and hope that some of you agree with me. I do think ads can be hit and miss, and if that blogger has a particularly low month then you might not get what you think you’ve paid for, but I personally think advertising is a great way of building up a new audience. My number one top tip though would be to advertise with bloggers like you. Identify bloggers in your niche and target them, rather than advertising with your friends just because they’ve set up some ad packages and you want to support them (unless you’re not worried about getting engagement from it of course).

Do you pay for advertising slots with bloggers? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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