5 Ways You Can Support Your Favourite Bloggers

5 Ways You Can Support Your Favourite Bloggers

With it becoming ever more popular to fake your following, talk has turned to how you can support authentic bloggers (particularly when it comes to Instagram). I personally think there are so many ways to support your faves, but I thought I’d share a few today in case you’re stuck for ideas. Plus it’s always nice to share the love, so hopefully this inspires you to do so.

Leave them a comment

This is one of the easiest ways of supporting your faves. You’re probably reading their content anyway and it takes thirty seconds to leave a meaningful comment. Engage with the questions they’ve asked or just tell them why you liked the post. Not only will it give them a boost, they may leave you a comment back.

Share their posts on your socials

Whether you’re just retweeting their promotional tweets or pinning a post you loved on Pinterest, you’re opening up their content to a whole new audience which I’m sure everyone appreciates. If you’ve got a Facebook page you could also share content there, or use your Instagram stories/Snapchat to talk about a post you really loved.

Shout them out in a blog post

My favourite way of sharing content is to link it in a blog post. I try and link my own content often anyway, so it makes sense to just include the posts of others alongside that. If you can’t find a way to link their content naturally into your own, why not write a post about content you’ve been loving recently? That way you can pick a few different posts to share.

5 ways you can support your favourite bloggers

Use their services

Is your blogging bestie a fab designer? Do they create beautiful header designs or blog templates? Finances are important, particularly for those blogging full-time, and boosting someone’s income by purchasing something you need is a fab way to show your support in a whole different way. You could also invest in advertising slots with them, or buy merch from their Etsy store.

Engage with them

If you really support the work of certain bloggers, don’t stop telling them. Everyone’s talking about how the blogging community feels less like a community than it used to and I think one of the only ways we can change this is by bringing the cheerleader aspect back: tell people you love their stuff and share it with as many people as possible.

I hope this inspires you to go out and support your favourite bloggers. There are so many people out there creating amazing content, and we can help each other get it noticed. What’s your favourite way of supporting your favourite bloggers?

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